Just Deserts: a post in pictures

12 May, 2012


Special thanks to the great people at the Shaffer Hotel in Mountain Air, NM! They put me up in one of the cowboy rooms that is not notoriously haunted, as are many of the rooms and halls of their tasteful establishment. Their kindness was incredible after several days of headwinds, snow, ice, and heat. Thanks again!




I had the good fortune of participating in the Albuquerque area's annual Good Friday pilgrimage up Tome Hill. Here, families of other peregrinos made their way along irrigation ditches to the distant hill.

In Albuquerque, I stopped by the Center for Action and Contemplation and got to talk to the good folks there, including Richard Rohr. Thanks to that community for their kindness and great work!

Thanks to Fr. Guy from St. John's Episcopal in Farmington, NM!