Sand to Sand (From Desert to Beach in Pictures)

08 Jun, 2012

Shortly after taking this picture, I stopped for a break in the shade of a billboard. When I came back to the road, the bike was gone. Totally disappeared. You can hear more about this event in my sermon at Thad’s on Sunday, 6/3/12. Suffice it to say, I was shocked at the disappearance and relieved to recover my compadre.

Upon arrival at the ocean of my childhood, we had a refreshing reunion. The baptism of return.

After a year away, I got to spend some quality time with my family. While I was off cycling and talking with many of you, my nephews grew and developed in such a way as to refresh my perspective on life’s steady march. Great to see them!

Future Carbon Cyclist.

My brother Brian got in on the Carbon Sabbath.

Brian took Thaddeus for a spin. Here, he logs his mile 1. Thanks to Brian and Anna-Marie for participating in the Carbon Sabbath!

While passing through Dana Point, I stopped to talk with some folks about the harbor there and its effects on the ocean nearby. Just below the bluffs on which the bike is perched, there used to be one of the best surf spots in California called Killer Dana. The construction of the harbor in 1966 radically altered marine life, the shifting of sand, and wave patterns in the area. This classic deep water reef stands as a testament to surfers for how drastically human beings alter the earth around them. For many, it was the destruction of an ancient cathedral. Some seek the divine in buildings. Others walk on water.

The transition out of the Sabbath has been greatly facilitated by the Bartz Clan. I will surely say this again, but the Carbon Sabbath could not have happened with out their support. Their presence in my life and their work at Thad’s is incredible. To ease my transition, they have graciously allowed me to stay in their beautiful back house. Here, Jas and Jimmy get a little down time in the backyard.