Welcome to Carbon Sabbath

19 Nov, 2012

If you are new to this site, welcome! You are diving into an adventure whose boundaries stretch far beyond the width of this tiny blog. Whatever you are looking for, I assure you– seek, and you will find.

My name is Scott Claassen. In June 2011, I set off on a year-long adventure called the Carbon Sabbath. For one year, I refrained from riding in planes and cars, heating and cooling my home, and several other activities that contribute to climate change. During that time, I bicycled over 11,500 miles around the country to engage Christian communities in dialogue about the relationship between climate change and the love of God and neighbor. In the course of those travels, I mined the cultural and environmental depths of the country, and I am left with an inexhaustible wealth of gratitude.

There are a number of ways into this journey. You can review the blog chronologically. You can search for Amish adventures, trouble with the law, Native Americans, the work song of a hypocrite, Carbon Sabbath in oil country, or a monastic farming adventure or two. You can go from beginning to unending. There is no shortcut, but the long road is worth it. Good luck!

A gigantic thank you to the thousands of people that I met along this journey. To those I have yet to meet, I look forward to swapping tales someday.